• Control From Anywhere

    Set the temperature from anywhere using our iOS, Android, or web app. The app keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, and ambient light in each room that has a Puck.

  • No Smartphone, No Problem

    Rotate the Puck bezel, and set the temperature for that room. Perfect for guests, Airbnbs, rental properties, or those without a smartphone.

  • 7-Day Scheduling

    Set individual schedules for each room.

    Mark rooms inactive to emphasize other rooms and save money.

What is the Flair Puck?

  • A smart thermostat for your mini split, window unit or portable AC.
  • Replace your remote with a Flair Puck and control from anywhere.

How Does it Work?

  • The Puck connects with 200+ brands of mini splits, window units, and portable ACs via infrared (IR)—no wiring or additional connections required.
  • Control the mini split directly from the Puck by rotating, or manage everything from the Flair App.

Who is it For?

  • Anyone with a mini split, portable AC, or window unit.
  • Save up to 30% on your energy bill by using Home/Away and 7-Day Scheduling.

Works with Every Brand

Puck brings smart WiFi AC control to over 200 brands of mini splits (ductless), window ACs, and portables. It's the smart thermostat for the rest of us.

Maximum Comfort + Convenience

Mini splits are notoriously bad at knowing what the temperature is where you are in the room.

Puck uses RoomSense™ Technology. It senses the temperature where you are and always makes sure you're comfortable.

"I place the Puck closer to where we tend to be and it provides a much better level of comfort than when the mini split tries to regulate its own temperature." - Stephen S.

Truly Wireless

The Flair Puck is the only wireless mini split controller.

AC Power or AAA batteries? You choose.

Your first Puck plugs in to AC power. The rest can be completely wireless.

"The Pucks are fantastic little pieces of equipment. The ability to have a thermostat in every room is amazing." - Joshua C.

We're Here to Help



    Our pre-sales Comfort Advisors are available 9am-5pm ET, Mon-Fri.



    Existing customer? Submit a ticket to our technical support team.


  • Keep Your Nursery Comfortable

  • Perfect for Your Home and Airbnb

  • Sync Your Bonus Room with the House

  • Make Your Home Office Comfortable

  • Schedule Around Store Opening Hours

A baby's sleep schedule is precious. With Flair, you can maintain a consistent and comfortable room temperature, and program the perfect sleep environment with smart scheduling.


Simply rotate the Puck to set the temperature. No complicated remotes and calls from confused guests.
Only allow guests to set temperatures within a selected range or lock your thermostat all together.


Converted your garage into a living space? Built an add-on room?

Mini splits are becoming increasingly popular for bonus or conversion rooms. Use the Flair Puck to sync your heating/cooling systems and manage from a single app.


Desk in your bedroom? Working from the basement?

More and more of us are working from home and using spaces not originally intended as a work environment. With a mini split + Flair Puck, turn your makeshift space into a comfortable and productive zone.


Forget to turn your mini splits on or off? Ditch the remote and use Flair to operate your mini split from anywhere. Schedule heating/cooling so your business hours are the perfect temperature, and you're not wasting energy when you're closed.


Better Than The Rest

Some mini split controllers claim to be "wireless" but still have ugly cables running down the wall. Not Flair*.

*Your first Puck plugs in to AC power. The rest can be completely wireless.

Plays Nice with Others

Already have a smart thermostat and want to connect it to your mini split, portable, or window AC?

The Flair Puck is the only smart AC control system with Mini Split Mirror Mode™ - your mini split will always mirror your smart thermostat's settings.

"Set the Living Room to 72."

Flair integrates with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.
Get comfortable without lifting a finger.