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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Puck makes your air conditioner


The Flair Puck

Works with Every Brand

Puck brings smart AC control to over 250 brands of mini splits, window ACs, and portables, including Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, Panasonic, Daikin, Sanyo, Hitachi, and more.

Can’t get it paired? Send your remote in, and we’ll set it up for you.

"I did not think I would ever have control of my minisplits without entering the room. You have made my year with this." - Jim M.

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  • Control From Anywhere


    Set the temperature from anywhere using our iOS, Android, or web app.

    Love data? The app also keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, and ambient light in each room that has a Puck.
  • 7-Day Scheduling


    Like to plan ahead?

    Set individual schedules for each room, at any hour of any day. You can even schedule when your mini split should turn off.
  • Use with Amazon Alexa


    Integrate with Amazon Alexa and control your temperature with the power of your voice.
  • No Smartphone? No Problem!


    Simply rotate the Puck bezel, and you can set the temperature for that room.

    Perfect for guests, Airbnbs, or those without a smartphone.

Plays Nice with Others

Already have a smart thermostat (ecobee, Nest, Honeywell Lyric) and want to connect it to your mini split or window AC? No problem.

Puck is the only smart AC control system with Mini Split Mirror ModeTM: your mini split will always mirror your smart thermostat’s settings.

Works with ecobee


Works with Nest


Works with Honeywell


Minisplit Room Sense Minisplit Room Sense

Maximum Comfort

Mini splits are notoriously bad at knowing what the temperature is where you are in the room.

Puck uses Room SenseTM technology. It senses the temperature where you are and always makes sure you’re comfortable.

"I place the Puck closer to where we tend to be and it provides a much better level of comfort than when the mini split tries to regulate its own temperature." - Stephen S.

Black Puck

Live Wirelessly

AC Power or AAA batteries? You choose.

Your first Puck plugs in to AC power. The rest can be completely wireless.

"The Pucks are fantastic little pieces of equipment. The ability to have a thermostat in every room without wiring it up to the furnace is amazing." - Joshua C.

Going Away

Puck Pays You Back

Forgot to turn off your AC when you left? Relax, Puck has your back. Puck will turn off your mini split when you leave, saving you energy and money.

Puck’s Smart Away will even monitor your home to make sure that your home stays the perfect temperature for your pets or your pipes.

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