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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

The Perfect Temperature In Every Room with your Google Nest thermostat

Flair and Google Nest Thermostats

Get the perfect temperature in every room with the most-advanced Smart Vent automation available.

Flair and Google Nest

Flair Pucks and Smart Vents are compatible with Google Nest thermostats and the Google Assistant. Flair Smart Vents will intelligently redirect airflow to give you the perfect temperature in every room.

Note: Following the August 31, 2019 Works With Nest handover, Flair will no longer directly connect to your Nest. Learn more.

Flair Smart Vents and Pucks and Google Nest thermostats.

No more hot or cold rooms

Have a room that's too hot or too cold?

With Flair Smart Vents, you can eliminate uneven room temperatures, balancing heating and cooling across your home. Replace as few or as many vents as you need to make any room comfortable.

Flair gives you sophisticated automation

Increase your home comfort

When you use Flair Smart Vents, you will increase your home comfort by eliminating hot or cold spots in your home. Now that's a comfy home.

How Flair works with Google Nest

Flair will adjust Smart Vents based on room temperature readings from your Pucks, giving you the perfect temperature in every room.

Learn how to set up your Google Nest thermostat with Flair today!