× Flair compatible IR remote

Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Flair Smart Vent

Flair Smart Vent


Next Degree Comfort

Intelligent airflow for your home. Works with your central heating and cooling system to eliminate uneven room temperatures across your home by automatically controlling how much air goes to each room. With energy savings up to 30%, Flair’s Smart Vent keeps you—and your wallet—comfortable.

Note: The Flair Smart Vent requires at least one Puck to operate. Not sure how to measure your vents? Check out our how-to guide.

Smart Vent Specifications


  • 915MHz Radio for device to device communication
  • Works with our Puck.



  • 5 Lights that show a unique pattern for room association



  • Lasts for years on two C batteries
  • 24VAC Port for optional wired installation



  • Industry standard steel for safety
  • Attaches via screws for child safety and security


Available Sizes

  • 4x10
  • 4x12
  • 4x14 (Shipping in July)
  • 6x10
  • 6x12
  • 6x14


  • For floors, pull out your old vent and drop in ours.
  • For ceilings and walls, unscrew your old ones and screw in ours.
  • When you install our unit, the battery cassette drops right in. No need to wire anything.
  • If you are wiring it in, just press the wires into our terminal block on the back.
  • Additional details will be included in the box.