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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Flair Smart Vents make home heating and air conditioning smart in every room of your home.

Flair Smart Vents means

No More Hot or Cold Rooms

Smart Zoning Made Simple with Smart Vents and Puck Wireless Thermostats

Use the Flair Puck to sense temperature and control Smart Vents in any room

Flair Puck

It’s like having a smart thermostat in every room of your home.

Use the Flair Smart Vents to redirect airflow throughout your home and get the perfect temperature in every room.

Flair Smart Vent

Intelligently redirect airflow to the right rooms at the right time.

Flair provides room-level climate control

Room Level Control.

Have a room that's too hot or too cold?

Flair eliminates uneven room temperatures, balancing heating and air conditioning across your home. Replace as few or as many vents as you need to make any room comfortable.

Using Flair Smart vents for a smart zoning solution.

Eliminate hot and cold spots in your home. This is smart zoning made simple.

Flair Smart Vents save money by not heating and cooling unoccupied rooms.

Save money by heating and cooling occupied rooms.

Flair gives you the perfect temperature in every room.

Independent temperature control for each room. This is home comfort made simple.

Designing your Flair System

Using Flair Smart vents for a smart zoning solution.

A Room with Too Much Airflow

Have a room that’s too cold in the summer and too hot in the winter? This room might get too much airflow. Start off with a Puck and a Smart Vent just for this room.

Flair Smart Vents save money by not heating and cooling unoccupied rooms.

A Room with Too Little Airflow

Have a room that’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? This room might get too little airflow. Place a Puck in this room, and then use Pucks and a Smart Vents for the other rooms.

Flair gives you the perfect temperature in every room.

Even out the Temperatures between All Rooms

You’ll need Pucks and Smart Vents for every room in your home. If you have ecobee Remote Sensors, you’ll need one Puck to bridge ecobee and Flair!

Icon indicates a temperature-reading device.

Can be a Flair Puck, ecobee Remote Sensor, or any compatible Smart Thermostat. At least one Flair Puck is required for every home

Will Flair work for me?

Try our comfort calculator to determine the best Flair system for your home!

We make Smart Thermostats Brilliant......and dumb ones too 😉

Flair Smart Vents work with Nest
Flair Smart Vents work with ecobee
Flair Smart vents work with Honeywell

Official Google Assistant, Google Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell Partner

Flair works with ecobee and Honeywell remote sensors.

The perfect temperature in your child’s room

“Our nursery was always too hot in the afternoon and too cold at night.

With Flair, I can set my child’s room to the perfect temperature without changing the temperature in our master bedroom. She sleeps better—and so do we.”

- Samantha T.

Flair helps you set different temperatures for your nursery or child’s room

Easy to use for the whole family

“Flair eliminated the thermostat battles that used to occur when my parents visited for long stretches.

Now, my mom can control the temperature in her room from her smart phone. My kids even adjust the Pucks in their rooms all by themselves. Everyone is comfortable!”

- Jack

Feel good and save energy

“Flair helps us reduce energy use and save money by only heating and cooling the rooms we’re in. We’re feeling comfortable and reducing our carbon footprint!”

- The Adames

Flair saves energy and increases comfort.

The Best In-Class Smart Vent

HVAC professionals and installers love Flair Smart Vents. Why? We built a professional-grade Smart Vent at a consumer-friendly price.

Flair provides HVAC professional results at a consumer-friendly price

Professional Grade.

The Flair Smart Vent features:

  • Rugged construction
  • Flexible mount options
  • Massive 260ft radio range
  • Wired and wireless installation options
  • Onboard sensors to help protect and optimize your heating and cooling system
Precision diagnostics on our automated vent control keep you and your HVAC system safe

Back pressure protection

The best range out of any Smart Vent

260ft radio range

Flair is built from steel

Rugged steel construction

Extra mounting holes for safety and durability

Extra mounting holes

Designed to match any style or decor.

Flair Smart Vents feature a faceplate with a modern design and a white powder coating.

Unlike other vents, Flair’s Smart Vent faceplates are designed to hold paint, giving you the freedom to match them to your personal style.

Installation is simple.

Replaces wall, ceiling, and floor vents.

Installation is as simple as taking out your old vent and dropping in a new Smart Vent. Installing a Puck requires no drilling, no wiring, and no wasted Saturdays. This is automated HVAC made simple.

Comes in many sizes.

Flair Smart Vents are available in the following sizes:

  • 4" x 10"
  • 4" x 12"
  • 6" x 10"
  • 6" x 12"
  • 6" x 14"

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Installs in minutes. Runs for years.

The only Smart Vent that can be wired for power
Flair features 24VAC wired power

Optional Wired Configuration
The only Smart Vent featuring an optional 24VAC powered installation option. It’s perfect for contractors, builders, and home renovators.

The longest-lasting battery

Battery Capacity
Flair features twice the battery capacity when compared to other smart vents.

Dynamic Control at Your Fingertips

  • Control From Anywhere

    Set the temperature from anywhere using our iOS, Android, or web app.

    Love data? The app also keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, and ambient light in each room that has a Puck.

  • 7-Day Scheduling

    Like to plan ahead?

    Set individual schedules for each room, at any hour of any day. Rooms can even be marked unoccupied to emphasize other rooms and save money.

  • No Smartphone? No Problem!

    Simply rotate the Puck bezel, and you can set the temperature for that room.

    Perfect for guests, AirBnB, rental property, or those without a smartphone.

Control Flair from all of your devices

“Set the Living Room to 72.”

Flair integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Get comfortable without lifting a finger.

Flair works with Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa

The Most Affordable Zoning Solution

Flair Smart Vents cost 90% less than traditional zoning solutions and give you more control over the temperatures in your home.

Flair is in thousands of homes - Bring yours home today!

One-year warranty
30-day returns + exchanges
Great customer support