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Does this work with my smart thermostat?

We are integrated or integrating with virtually all major smart thermostat makers.

  • Nest
  • Honeywell Wifi and Lyric
  • Schneider Electric (once API is released)
  • Ecobee (note that we will leverage your remote sensors so you don't need to replace them with a Puck!)
  • Venstar (working with the community on this)


If you have a specific one you would like to see, email us. [email protected]

Want to integrate with us? Drop us a line: [email protected]

Does this replace my thermostat?

No. It extends smart thermostats.

If you have a non-connected thermostat, Flair will work beside it with a reduced feature set.

Does it work with my smarthome platform?

We are integrated or integrating with best in class platforms:

  • Wink
  • SmartThings
  • Control4


The initial focus of these integrations will be on temperature regulation however we will be sharing sensor data and adding a curated list of 'microapps' for controlling devices and settings on each of these platforms.

If you have a specific one you would like to see, email us. [email protected]

Want to integrate with us? Drop us a line: [email protected]

Will you support Homekit?

We are looking into this but do not currently (we do have the compatible hardware onboard).  One thing to note is that we are not simply opening/closing vents via your smartphone but instead doing this for you behind the scenes based on sensor data driven algorithms (note that we will allow for manual or third party control) so how HomeKit integration will work is a bit nuanced.

How many Pucks do I need [Window Units/Mini-splits/Portable AC/Heater]?

A single Puck per window unit/mini-split.

Control one of your units or all of your units.

How many Pucks and Vents do I need [Central Systems]?

Flair is flexible

With Flair your system can be as small as a single Puck for adding a sensor to your central system.

If you have a room that overheats or over cools, you might install a single Puck and a vent for that room - common for nurseries and bedrooms for instance.

If you have rooms that don't get enough hot or cold air, the rooms that are getting plenty are where you might want to add vents and then make sure you have pucks in the rooms you are trying to make comfortable.

If every room is a different temperature and it drives you crazy, you could install a Puck in each room and replace each of your old vents with ours.

Does it work offline?

Yes and No. Flair can handle internet connectivity instability and it can run basic algorithms without an internet connection. Some features though, require talking to third party devices that are only reachable via the internet and others require looking at historical data stored in the cloud.

Can I host my own Flair 'cloud'?

Looking to test your own algorithms? Have you built your own crazy home automation system with a raspberry pi? As tinkerers ourselves, we are excited to let you tweak our hardware and apps to run off of third party clouds.

Can I write apps for Puck?

Not yet. But soon.

I have more than one zone, does Flair support this?


Will it work with my Mini-Split or Window unit?

The puck has an IR receiver and emitter (actually 5) and can generically record and playback IR commands. If you have a remote that you point and press that uses Infrared signals (most common remotes) then most likely yes. In fact, in many cases we already have your remote's command codes.

How does Flair know where I am?

Flair leverages a combination of cues from the room including Bluetooth beacons, ambient light changes, data from your phone and time of day. We don't use these raw, instead we apply a heuristic that combines realtime data with your historical patterns.

What if my phone is dead, will it work?

Yes. Our Puck has a physical interface for precisely this reason.

I don't charge my phone at night in my bedroom, will Flair figure it out?


Will Flair work for my nursery even though my baby doesn't have a phone?


How does Flair account for back pressure in central systems?

Each Flair unit (Puck and Vent) contains pressure sensors to understand what is going on in the home. Flair learns how each change affects back pressure and makes sure to only change airflow safely. Flair even learns where your returns are and understands how open and closed doors affect airflow.

Flair has safety precautions baked into its firmware to limit how many vents can close at any given time as well as the ability to notify you if anything out of the ordinary is observed. If battery voltage gets too low on a Puck or Vent, Flair will send you an email notification and will leave any vents in that room open.

How long do the batteries last in the Vent?

Flair has twice the battery capacity of all known competitors and a vent will last at least 4 years (conservatively) on 2 C cells. You can optionally power our vents with industry standard 24VAC and never think about batteries again. When they get low, you will get an email.

How long do the Puck batteries last?

The Puck batteries should last for over 2 years depending upon a number of user modifiable settings. When they get low, you will get an email. You can also power our puck via a standard micro-usb cable (included).

Will Puck work with 2/3/4 wire interfaces?

Not yet, but we have an expansion port and will making a number of adapters. Our Puck's software will let you control more than just heating and cooling equipment also.

Can I have the system installed by a professional?

Yes.  We are working with a number of installers.  After ordering, we will follow up with you if you want installation.

Will you be offering different faceplates?

Yes but not immediately.  One thing to note is that our faceplates are completely paintable so you can match them to any colored wall or ceiling if you want.

When will you charge for the Preorder?

We charge within 7 days of placing your order.  In exchange for paying and waiting, we are offering our preorders at a significantly discounted price.

How do refunds work?

Refunds during the preorder campaign before shipping will be granted.  After shipping, refunds will be at our discretion.  If for some reason, the system doesn't meet your expectations, doesn't work for your home etc. we will happily refund you.

Please note that we are a small business and that refunds distract from making our products awesome.  While we will refund you in the vast majority of cases, if you think there is a high probability of you returning or asking for a refund, sign up for our mailing list and we will give you a heads up when units are in stock.