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Flair Puck

Wireless Thermostat

A companion product to Flair Smart Vents or a standalone mini split controller.

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    Flair Puck
    Flair Puck

    • Inaccurate-Temps  

      Flair for Central Heating and Cooling

      Flair Smart Vents give you Room by Room Control.

      • Eliminates Hot and Cold Rooms
      • Balances Temperatures out for Evenness
      • Different Temperatures for Different Rooms
    • Installing-Heat-Pumps  

      Flair for Mini Splits, Window ACs and Portables

      Flair gives Mini Splits Super Powers

      •  Universal Compatibility
      •  In Room Control or  Control from Phone
      •  7 Day Scheduling

    Install in Minutes

    Wireless and powered options make for a quick and hassle-free install.

    Use the supplied AAA Batteries or the supplied USB Cable and Adapter.

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    Tech Specs

    Main Specs

    color Pearl White
    connectivity • Wifi (Puck can act as its own gateway, no hub needed)
    • 915MHz Radio for device to device communication
    • Infrared (IR) with extensive database of commands and codes for all major AC brands
    sensors Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambient Light
    power • Wireless: 2 x AAA Batteries (1+ Year Battery Life)
    • Wired: Micro-USB (adapter and cable included)
    interaction • Rotation and Click
    • E-ink Display
    • Supports temperature display in Fahrenheit and Celsius
    MOUNTING/POSITIONING OPTIONS • Adhesives (command strip) to wall
    • Screws on to wall
    • Built in stand to prop up on a surface
    software Software updates over the air (SPOTA)
    What’s in the Box • 1 x Puck
    • For Power: 1 x USB-A Cable, 1 x Power Adapter (Type A US/CA/MX), 2 x AAA Batteries
    • For Mounting: 2 x Screws, 1 x Mounting Adhesive
    vent size Hardware > Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning > HVAC Controls > Thermostats
    product subtitle Wireless Thermostat for Smart Vents, Mini Splits and more
    notes The first Puck in a system must be wired. Additional Pucks can be wired or wireless.