Flair & Traditional or Non-Integrated Thermostats

Flair works with all thermostats, so you don't need a smart thermostat.

How Flair Works

If you have a traditional thermostat - or won't be integrating your smart thermostat - Flair will work alongside your thermostat, using it as a "non-integrated" thermostat.

When using a traditional or non-integrated thermostat, Flair knows when the system is heating or cooling and optimizes air distribution accordingly.

Solving Energy Waste

When airflow is imbalanced, you get uneven temperatures across the home and overheat or overcool other spaces just to get one room right.

That's where Flair comes in. Smart Vents adjust room-by-room airflow to even out temperatures and avoid excess energy use, making you more comfortable and saving you money.

Supported by Software

Even when using Flair with a traditional or non-integrated thermostat, you still have easy to use software at your fingertips.

Use the Flair app to set a temperature, create a schedule, and utilize Home/Away mode.

Save Energy

Flair is the only Smart Vent system that's been built with automation from the ground up.

Flair Smart Vents can save you up to 30% on your heating and cooling bill.

Easy Installation

Installation is as simple as taking out your old vent and dropping in a new Smart Vent. Make your smart home brilliant!


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