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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

The Perfect Temperature in Every Room

Flair Works With

Central Systems



Window Units

Reimagine how you heat and cool your home

Smarthome Magic

You shouldn’t need to schedule your smart thermostat, it should just get you. Flair automagically adjusts to you before and after you enter a room.

Supreme Comfort

Room by room control. Never let the thermostat on the other side of your house ruin a good night’s sleep again.

Intelligent Energy

Heating and cooling takes energy. Heating and cooling only rooms you want takes intelligence. Flair brings the smarts. Your wallet says thanks.

Flair for Central Heating and Cooling

We all have that one room...
Central heating cooling is notoriously uneven. Flair eliminates temperature imbalance so every room is the perfect temperature, every time.

Next Degree™ Control
Why stop at evenness? Flair lets you ignore empty rooms while tailoring the temperature in each room to its specific occupants.

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Simple Installation

Floors, walls, or ceilings, Flair Smart Vents install quickly and easily.

Rich Data

Flair learns how your house responds over time to give you maximum comfort with minimal energy.

We love data! Flair gives you complete visibility into your home with our apps and APIs.

Control From Any Device