How Flair Works With Control4

The Flair Driver, developed and sold by Blackwire, connects and syncs all information about devices installed in the Flair ecosystem with the Control4 system.


Driver Features

  • Native Control4 Thermostat interface for Flair system control
  • Set the Flair system to Auto or Manual 
  • Works with all mini-split systems integrated with Flair
  • Temperature and humidity integration from Flair devices
  • Choose between individual room/zone control or adjust the overall house set-point
  • Quick, easy setup and installation

Installer Notes

  • This driver integrates with the Flair system for easy control and integration with native Control4 thermostat interfaces.
  • This driver allows the homeowner to simply and easily interact with the Flair system within the Control4 navigator interfaces without having to open a separate app.