Flair works with Honeywell Smart Room Sensors!

Flair now features the ability to sync with Honeywell Remote and Room sensors

It's the perfect temperature in every room—for Honeywell Home smart thermostats!

Have a Honeywell Home smart thermostat (including the T9 and T10 models) and want Flair to sync with your Honeywell Smart Room Sensors? Now you can!

For any room where you would like to install our Smart Vents, you can either use a Flair Puck or a Honeywell Smart Room Sensor. Your Honeywell Smart Room Sensors will appear when adding a new Room. You will always need at least one Puck to act as a Gateway between your Honeywell system and your Flair Smart Vents.

Want your Honeywell Smart Room Sensors to determine occupancy for Flair?

Simply go to the Menu > Home Settings > System Settings. From there, you can enable Remote Sensor Occupancy. Your Room Active and Inactive status will now be determined by your Honeywell Smart Room Sensors!

Don't have a Flair system yet?