Introducing the Flair Puck Pro

The Flair Puck Pros is an integrated controls solution to link your central system and mini split

The Flair App has a built-in Mirror Mode that enables your mini split to follow your smart thermostat set point. What if you use a mini split for most of your heating needs, but use your central heating when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing?

You need a Puck Pro.

The Puck Pro upgrades Flair’s advanced hvacOS to integrate your mini split and central heating into one seamless system. It's a solution for anyone looking for a secondary heat (also known as a virtual dual fuel or integrated controls) solution for their home. You can customize your cutoff temperature so that you can use your mini split at peak efficiency and comfort. When the outdoor temperature drops below your cutoff, Flair will automatically switch from your mini split to your central heating.

The Puck Pro is only available through qualified HVAC contractors. If you live in the Northeast and are planning on installing a new mini split system, you may even qualify for a rebate if you get a Puck Pro. Contact us to get connected to a qualified HVAC professional near you.