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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Join our Demand Response program, reduce energy use and get rewarded.
Save money
Get rewarded
Keep the lights on
Support the grid

Why join Peak Perks?

Why join Peak Perks?

  • Get rewarded with a $25 eGift Card!
  • Save money on your electricity bills.
  • Keep the lights on in your local community.
  • Support the stability of your power grid.

Who can join?

Peak Perks is just getting started. The program is currently open to:

Flair Users
California Residents
Selected Utility Customers:
  • Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE)
  • Southern California Edison (SCE)

Not currently eligible but want to get involved? Register your interest.

Get a $25 eGift Card of your choice!

Get a $25 eGift Card of your choice!

For a limited time, members of Peak Perks receive a $25 eGift Card for successfully enrolling in the program. You choose from top-name brands. Conditions Apply.

How to join?

Get involved in three easy steps.



Follow the app prompts to connect your utility data to Flair.


Flair will automatically adjust your thermostat during peak energy periods


Your involvement will help prevent outages and reduce the need for “dirty” power.

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How does the program work?

Peak Perks is designed to ease strain on local power grids by automatically adjusting energy usage during peak periods.

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Have questions?

Contact: hello@flair.co