GOOD NEWS—Flair funding, Smart Vents, and more!

Flair has big news for funding, Smart Vents, and more

We’ve got a big announcement: we’ve closed a major funding round that will support our growth!

Since we first shipped in 2017, we’ve been installed in thousands of homes, sold out of four batches of Smart Vents and Pucks, and are now working with leaders in global HVAC distribution. With this new round of funding, we’ve partnered with some exciting smart home, lighting, and commercial HVAC companies!

This includes a partnership with Magnum Energy Solutions, a leading provider of commercial HVAC and lighting solutions. Together, Flair and Magnum will leverage their automation solutions to provide extensive heating and cooling breakthroughs for apartments, single-family homes, hotels, commercial spaces, large skyscrapers, and more.

While crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s took a bit longer than expected, Flair Smart Vents will be back in stock by early summer of this year. We thank you all for your patience!

Preorders for new Smart Vents will be available in the spring. For now, we’ve hit pause on our storefront as we gear up our newly-expanded team for what comes ahead.

Thank you again for your patience! We wouldn’t have come so far without your continued support.