The Flair Puck Pays You Back

The Flair Puck Can Help Save You Money

Smart Away and Geofencing

Forgot to turn off your AC when you left? Relax, Puck has your back. The Flair Puck will turn off your mini split when you leave, saving you energy and money.

The Puck's Smart Away will even monitor your home to make sure that your home stays the perfect temperature for your pets or your pipes.

Seven-Day Scheduling

The Puck's seven-day scheduling can save you even more money by making sure your mini split fits your daily life. The in-app scheduling feature allows you to create a schedule—complete with temperature set points—for individual rooms in your home.

Upper and Lower Temperature Bounds

The Puck is the only mini split smart thermostat that allows for in-room temperature control. Want to set upper and lower bounds to prevent someone from accidentally setting the thermostat too low or high? Puck's got you covered.

Ready to save?