Elevating Heat Pump Efficiency with Smart Controls for Mini Splits

The future of energy-efficient heating and cooling is embracing heat pumps, and Maine is leading the charge in this green revolution.

With the state's rapidly growing heat pump installations, Flair is seeing a significant increase in customers from Maine using the Flair Puck to bring cutting-edge smart controls to elevate energy savings and comfort.

Maine's Heat Pump Boom

Maine has witnessed a remarkable surge in heat pump installations, driven by their eco-friendliness and significant cost savings. A recent article by Canary Media stated that Maine blew past its goal of installing 100,000 heat pumps by 2025 (they just hit 104,000) and have pledged to install another 175,000 by 2027! 

The state's residents have been quick to embrace heat pump technology, recognizing its potential to reduce carbon footprints and reliance on traditional fossil fuels. As Maine's heat pump market skyrockets, so does the need for intelligent solutions to maximize the benefits of these efficient systems.

Enter the Flair Puck

At the forefront of enhancing heat pump efficiency lies the Flair Puck, a compact and powerful wireless smart controller designed for mini split systems. While mini splits already boast impressive energy-saving capabilities, the Flair Puck takes their performance to the next level by introducing intelligent controls.

Unleashing Smart Capabilities

The Flair Puck seamlessly integrates with over 200+ brands of mini splits to offer a range of smart capabilities. This wireless thermostat opens up a world of possibilities for homeowners, ensuring optimal comfort, energy savings, and intuitive control.

  1. Remote Management: With the Flair Puck's user-friendly app, homeowners gain the power to remotely control their mini split systems from anywhere. Whether adjusting the temperature while away or scheduling cooling/heating cycles, this smart feature ensures ultimate convenience and energy efficiency.

  2. Temperature Sensing: The Flair Puck's built-in temperature sensors enable precise and localized temperature readings. Mini splits are notoriously bad at knowing what the temperature is where you are in the room. The Flair Puck uses RoomSense Technology, sensing the temperature where you are and always makes sure you're comfortable.

  3. Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems: Home automation enthusiasts will appreciate the Flair Puck's compatibility with popular smart home platforms and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/Hey Google. Seamlessly integrate your mini split heat pump into your smart ecosystem, and enjoy cohesive control with other connected devices.

Embracing the Green Future

As Maine forges ahead with its ambitious heat pump targets, the Flair Puck emerges as the ultimate ally in the pursuit of energy efficiency and comfort. By bringing intelligent, smart controls to mini split heat pumps, this innovative device empowers homeowners to embrace sustainable living while enjoying a seamlessly automated indoor climate.