Square Smart Vents have joined the Flair family!

Square Vents

You asked, we listened!

We're excited to introduce three new square Smart Vents, now available for pre-order.

We've been getting requests for square vent sizes for years and are proud to announce these new size options: 8"x8", 10"x10", and 12"x12" will be shipping in September. 

PRE-ORDER OFFER: Flair's Square Smart Vents are currently available for pre-order and are shipping in September. Limited quantity available.
Pre-order now, save 10%, and guarantee your order from our first production run. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

 What's great about the new square sizes?

  1. Tailored Fit: The new sizes allow homeowners to achieve a perfect fit for every room, whether it's a small bedroom or a spacious living area. This ensures optimal airflow and eliminates temperature inconsistencies.

  2. Improved Airflow Management: With the new size options, you can precisely control airflow in each room. This results in balanced temperatures and eliminates hot or cold spots, enhancing overall comfort.

  3. Energy Efficiency: By regulating airflow in individual rooms, you can optimize energy usage. Closing vents in unoccupied areas redirects conditioned air to where it's needed most, reducing energy costs.

  4. Seamless Integration: Flair Smart Vents seamlessly integrate into your existing smart home ecosystem. The new sizes ensure compatibility with a wide range of HVAC systems, providing intuitive control over your home's climate.

  5. Easy Installation: Installing Flair Smart Vents is simple, and the process remains easy with the new size options. Clear instructions and the user-friendly Flair app make installation hassle-free.