The Flair Puck Pro Can Save You THOUSANDS on Your Mini Split Installation

The Flair Puck Pros can save you money on your minisplit installation

Planning on installing a mini split? The Flair Puck Pro can save you thousands

Home-Improvement Season is around the corner. Are you thinking of installing a minisplit?

Homeowners choose to install a minisplit for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're looking to electrify your heating and cooling, or maybe you're building an expansion and need a cost-effective HVAC solution. If you're planning on keeping your boiler as backup heating alongside your minisplit, you'll need a Flair Puck Pro.

What does a Puck Pro do?

The Puck Pro upgrades Flair’s advanced hvacOS to integrate your mini split and boiler or furnace into one seamless system. This solution is known as a secondary heat, virtual dual fuel, or integrated controls.

Can a Puck Pro save me thousands on my minisplit install?


Using the Flair Puck Pro for your integrated controls (also known as virtual dual fuel or secondary heat) can qualify you for a rebate if you live in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, with more states soon!.

How can I get a Puck Pro and qualify for rebates?

The Puck Pro is only available only through qualified HVAC professionals. Contact us to get connected to a qualified HVAC professional near you!