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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

The Perfect Temperature In Every Room with reviews

The perfect solution for your home

Flair's best in-class hardware and software give you the perfect temperature in every room.

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Flair can give HVAC professional results at a consumer friendly price

The Only Professional-Grade Smart Vent

HVAC professionals and installers love Flair Smart Vents. Why? We built a professional-grade Smart Vent at a consumer-friendly price.

Extra mounting holes for safety and durability

Extra Mounts

Extra mounting holes for ceiling and wall installs. Never patch drywall again.

Flair is built of steel

Rugged Steel

Durable steel construction that the pros love. The best part? It will never get brittle or yellow like other vents.

Wire Flair Vents and never worry about batteries again

Get Wired

Flair is the only Smart Vent featuring an optional 24VAC powered option. Never change a battery again.

Ultra-Thin Construction

Flair Smart Vents are thinner than any other smart vent. It's the ideal choice for your ceiling, walls, or floors.

Flair has the thinnest Smart Vent

Never Lose Signal

Flair Smart Vents have the best in-class range. How far can they communicate? Over 260 feet.

What our customers say about Flair

Flair can balance temperatures across your home. No more hot or cold rooms

No more hot or cold rooms

"I was much more comfortable working in my upstairs office today than I have ever been." —Chris M.

Easy to use

"Got my first Puck configured in minutes. I love the UI in the phone and web app. Thank you!" —Jordan O.

Flair Smart Vents and Pucks are easy to install

Makes your home smarter

"What an amazing product! This easily solves the cold room problem that most homes probably have." —Paul M.

High-quality performance

"The Pucks are fantastic little pieces of equipment. The ability to have a thermostat in every room without wiring it up is amazing. The Smart Vents are extremely high quality." —Joshua C.

Flair Smart Vents and Pucks give you the perfect temperature

Flair has great customer support

There for you

"Great support! It's nice to support a start-up company like Flair!" —Chadron D.

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