Save Energy, Save Money

Flair controls the temperatures across your home, avoiding excess energy use, making you more comfortable, and saving you money.

Here's how Flair addresses two major issues that leads to significant energy wastage in most households.

Problem | Heating or Cooling Unoccupied Rooms

HVAC systems account for 40-50% of a typical household’s energy use. This percentage can be even higher in peak seasons.

When your HVAC is running, it’s pushing warm or cool air to every part of your house. Even with traditional zoning, you’re likely heating or cooling unused spaces.

Solution | Only Heating or Cooling Rooms You're Using

Flair’s Smart Vents allow room-by-room control, without the need for intrusive and expensive duct work.

With Flair, you can set unused rooms to inactive and our Smart Vents will close to reduce airflow where it’s not needed.

Use Flair’s innovative scheduling feature to set and forget, all while saving energy and money. Schedule rooms to be active when you’re using them, and inactive when you’re not.

Problem | Overheating or overcooling rooms so others are perfect

In an ideal home, each room would heat or cool evenly, ensuring every room is the perfect temperature.

But homes aren’t that simple, and most of us are guilty of overheating or overcooling spaces, just so others are comfortable.

It’s frustrating, wastes energy, and can significantly increase energy costs.

Solution | Balancing Temperatures Across Rooms

Flair’s Smart Vents work to balance temperatures across rooms. If a room gets too much airflow (too cold when cooling or too hot when heating), the Smart Vents will close to reduce airflow to that room. If a room gets too little airflow (too hot when cooling, too cold when heating), the Smart Vents will open to increase airflow to that room.

It’s an automated solution that redistributes airflow based on your room-by-room temperature preferences, all while keeping your HVAC system protected and optimized.