× Flair compatible IR remote

Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Universal Smart Thermostat for Minisplits, Heat Pumps, Ductless, VRF, Window ACs and Portables.

Smart Remote for CONFORT MASTER

Flair works with CONFORT MASTER minisplits, window acs, and portables.

Replace or upgrade your old remote effortlessly.

Compatible With

Flair is compatible with all mini splits

Mini-Splits (Ductless)

CONFORT MASTER, and many other brands

Flair is compatible with all Window ACs

Window ACs

All major brands and models with an IR remote

Flair is compatible with all Portable ACs

Portable ACs

All major brands and models with an IR remote

Flair is compatible with all IR remote devices!

Any device with an IR remote

Even your space heater or fan!


Have a Minisplit system and want a smart thermostat?

The Flair Puck is the only fully wireless smart thermostat that works with these systems. Works with VRF, heatpumps, ceiling cassettes, and more.

Easy, intuitive in-room control.

Sometimes, using a smart phone to do simple things like turn up the AC isn't so smart.

Guests, Kids, Family - intuitive in-room control means control with or without your phone

Flair Puck upright

Control from Anywhere

You can control your AC from a different room, on your way home or on vacation. Loved by AirBnB Hosts and Guests alike!

Save Energy, Live Comfortly

Geofencing, 7 Day Scheduling, and Room Sense

Flair turns your unit off automatically when you leave and even makes sure it doesn't get too hot or cold when you are away with our 'Smart Away'.

Flair Puck upright
Flair Puck upright

Don't just replace your remote

Upgrade it.

Looking for a replacement remote? For almost the same price, a Puck can make your air conditioner smart.

Also have a Central AC?

No Problem.

Flair's sophistication automation lets you integrate and control your minisplit/ductless system with ecobee and Honeywell smart thermostats.

Simplify your home energy management under one app.

Flair Puck upright

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful products.

Wires aren't pretty. After your first Puck, every Puck is wireless.

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