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Software disguised as Hardware

Flair combines the latest smart home technologies with elegantly simple user interaction.



Without lifting a finger, Flair figures out who specifically is in a room and makes that room exactly what they like.  No need to dig in your pocket, unlock your phone, navigate to an app and adjust anything, we ask you what you like upfront and make it happen automatically. 

Our Puck can run Microapps, small apps that let you control everything about the room its in.  This means your AirBnB guest doesn't need permissions or an app, it means your grandma doesn't need a smartphone, and it means you can still control everything when your phone battery is dead.  Its the light switch for everything else in your room.


We have integrated with just about all of the major thermostats and smart home platforms on the market.  Additionally, we will be publishing our API which will give access and control to our software and hardware.


We are collecting sensor data from devices continuously to optimize for both comfort and energy.  As data geeks ourselves, we are passionate about giving you unlimited access to your data for research, integrations and fun!