× Flair compatible IR remote

Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

Flair Smart Vents

Smart Vents and Wireless Thermostats for Central Heating and Cooling

The Flair Smart Vent
The Flair Puck
Wirelessly add accurate and easy to use control to any room.
The Flair Smart Vent
Send the right amount of air, to the right rooms, at the right time.

Room Level


Solving HVACs most difficult, long standing and widespread problems.

Fix hot and cold rooms.
No More Hot and Cold Spots
Don't heat and cool empty rooms.
Eliminates Heating and Cooling Unoccupied Rooms
Heat and cool different rooms to different temperatures.
Independent Temperature Control for Each Room
We make Smart Thermostats
Official Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell Partner

Flair works with ecobee remote sensors. Nest remote sensor support available when Nest updates their API.

The Flair Puck controls IR devices

The Ultimate

Smart Vent

Professional Grade
The only Smart Vent designed for Pro's
Extra Mounting Holes
For ceiling and wall installs, extra mounting holes means never having to patch drywall.
Rugged Steel Construction
Durable steel construction that's safe and never yellow's or gets brittle.
Installs in Minutes
Runs for Years
Optional Wired Configuration
The only Smart Vent featuring an optional, 24VAC powered installation option. Perfect for contractors, renovators, and builders.
Battery Capacity
Twice the battery capacity of other Smart Vents.
Ultra Thin
Flair Smart Vents are sleek, making them the ideal choice when installing in ceilings, walls and floors.

Flair is wireless


The Wireless Thermostat for any room.*

*The first puck must be wired (usb adapter and cable included). Each additional Puck can be wired or wireless.

Easily control Flair from all your devices Get the perfect temperature in any room Use the Flair skill in Alexa to get the perfect temperature in every room Flair can work without any devices too
  • Control From Anywhere


    Set the temperature from anywhere using our iOS, Android, or web app.

    Love data? The app also keeps track of temperature, pressure, humidity, and ambient light in each room that has a Puck.
  • 7-Day Scheduling


    Like to plan ahead?

    Set individual schedules for each room, at any hour of any day. You can even schedule when your mini split should turn off.
  • Voice Control - Alexa and Google Home


    Integrate with Amazon Alexa and control your temperature with the power of your voice.
  • No Smartphone? No Problem!


    Simply rotate the Puck bezel, and you can set the temperature for that room.

    Perfect for guests, AirBnB, rental property, or those without a smartphone.

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