× Flair compatible IR remote

Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

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Firmware Releases

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November 2018 Firmware Release

Current Version Numbers (as of November 2018)

  • Gateway Puck: a111w103
  • Sensor Puck: s77w81

Changes and Updates:

    1. Gateway/Sensor linking has been improved for multi-gateway and large-device networks
    2. Improvements to IR with incremental remotes
    3. Flair devices will support faster response time between cloud and device
    4. Improvements to syncing Puck temperature display with cloud
    5. Various improvements to WiFi and IR
    6. Various usability fixes and improvements

December 2017 Firmware Release

Current Version Numbers (as of December 2017)

  • Gateway Puck (ONLY): a93w95

Changes and Updates:

    1. Gateway Pucks will update screen with a 0.5C change in temperature
    2. In response to user requests, removed periodic screen refresh on Pucks
    3. Improved Gateway Puck temperature reading
    4. Improved stability for large networks
    5. Various usability fixes and improvements

October 2017 Firmware Release

Current Version Numbers (as of October 2017)

  • Gateway Puck: a77w81
  • Sensor Puck: s77w81

Changes and Updates in a/s77w81

    1. In Auto mode, IR blasts will no longer show on the display (saves power). In Manual mode, the IR transmit message will still appear
    2. Adds support for half-celsius display and adjustment
    3. Adds ability to link Sensors to Gateways to ensure sensor Pucks will stay in the designated Home
    4. Removes the "IR Setup" menu option after AC Model IR codes are downloaded
    5. Scroll speed for the Puck clickwheel is now adjustable
    6. WiFi icon will display signal strength
    7. For Sensor Pucks, scrolling on the temperature screen will immediately adjust setpoint instead of going into the menus
    8. Adds support to handle up to 3 consecutive IR commands (ex: if you press the “Temp +” button three times on the Flair App, this will translate into 3 IR blasts spaced 5 seconds apart)
    9. Updated screen refresh with clearer menus during scrolling
    10. Menu scrolling no longer wraps around on rotate
    11. IR Fixes, including fix to support Fujitsu On Command Bug
    12. Gateway Temperature Calibration
    13. Support for Multi-Gateway Flair Networks to accommodate larger networks and/or lower-latency situations in the near future. 
    14. Open all vents if connection to Flair server is lost, but WiFi remains connected
    15. Increased support for IR codes from different vendors