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Please check your remote. Fully compatible devices will display the set point temperature and fan speed.

The Perfect Temperature In Every Room with your ecobee

Flair Smart Vents & ecobee

Get the perfect temperature in every room with the most-advanced Smart Vent automation available. Works seamlessly with ecobee and ecobee Room Sensors.

Works with your ecobee
and your Room Sensors too

Flair Pucks and Smart Vents work with ecobee and ecobee and Room Sensors.

Your ecobee Room Sensors let you know what rooms run hot or cold. With Flair, you can finally fix that. Our Smart Vents will intelligently redirect airflow to give you the perfect temperature in every room.

Note: Requires at least one Puck to connect your ecobee system to Flair.
Flair Smart Vents work with ecobee and remote sensors

No more hot or cold rooms

Have a room that's too hot or too cold?

With Flair Smart Vents and ecobee, you can eliminate uneven room temperatures, balancing heating and cooling across your home. Replace as few or as many vents as you need to make any room comfortable.

Easy to Set Up.
Easy to Use.

Installation is as simple as taking out your old vent and dropping in a new Smart Vent. Plus, your ecobee Room Sensors will work seamlessly with our Smart Vents. Make your smart home brilliant.

Flair Smart Vents are easy to install

How Flair Smart Vents work with ecobee

Flair will leverage your ecobee's schedule and mirror your Home and Away status. You can also control your ecobee thermostat from a Room Tile in the Flair App.

Flair and ecobee take your home comfort to the next degree.

Flair saves you energy

Save Energy—Automatically

Flair is the only Smart Vent system that's been built with automation from the ground up. Flair Smart Vents, combined with your ecobee thermostat, can save you up to 30% on your heating and cooling bill.

Set important rooms to the perfect temperature

With Flair and ecobee you can make sure your child's room is always at the perfect temperature. You can set your baby's room temperature to 68 degrees while the rest of the house is 72.

Flair Pucks can connect your Nest to a mini split or Window AC

Connect ecobee to mini splits

Have an ecobee and a ductless mini split or Window AC?

The Flair App can connect your ductless mini split or Window AC to your ecobee. Get the smart home you've always wanted.

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