The Perfect Temperature for Your Child's Room

Baby sleeping at perfect temperature with Flair

Diapers? ✔
Stroller? ✔
Crib? ✔
Making sure your baby's room is always at the perfect temperature? ✗

Babies and infants sleep best when the room temperature is between 65–70°.* For many parents, this means setting the thermostat for the whole house at a chilly 65°! Why spend time fiddling with the thermostat and thinking about nursery temperature control? Flair makes it easy to keep your nursery or child's room or at the perfect temperature. 

With Flair, you can set a temperature on our easy-to-use iOS, Android, or Web App and forget about it. The Puck and Smart Vents take care of the rest.

Flair's app makes nursery temperature control easy 


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