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Alive and Growing

Posted by Dan Myers on

Recently, an editorial mistake based on incorrect assumptions alluded to Flair as a failed company sold off for parts. While this was corrected by the writer, its tone maintained the illusion that Smart Vents were passé and that the idea "has not really taken off." We thought we'd share an update on how Flair is doing. 

Over the last year, Flair has emerged as an industry leader in critical electrification and decarbonization efforts. Flair's technology is being used to eliminate massive amounts of heating oil consumption and to help eliminate the grid's dirtiest power plants, all while helping homeowners and businesses save money and stay comfortable.

A few of our competitors have failed over the years. Hardware startups are hard, and it’s also taken time to convince key stakeholders like utilities and HVAC professionals. Venture funding works well for software, but securing other capital is challenging, especially early on.   

Flair is thriving. In the last year, Flair has tripled revenue. We have shipped nearly 40,000 units. And while the IoT industry coverage remains focused on turning light bulbs on and off using voice assistants, Flair has been doing deep industry work to engage utilities, contractors, HVAC distributors, and energy professionals with a laser focus on connecting the dots between siloed verticals and scaling electrification.

Major utilities, titans of the HVAC industry, and household brands are all working with Flair in our pursuit to make homes more comfortable while solving the most urgent energy problems found in virtually every home in the US. And, we're expanding outside of the US in a major way. The New York Times' Wirecutter called the Puck a "modern replacement" for minispits, the world's most popular—yet notoriously clunky and disconnected—home heating and cooling systems.

We are proud of our team, our products, and our results. We are excited about the lasting and much needed change our company is bringing to homes and to the world.

Are you a utility, contractor, distributor, builder or excited homeowner? We’d be happy to share how we’re helping firms like yours to grow their business, increase customer comfort and expand impact. 


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